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Elevate your RC boat display with our meticulously crafted individual wall mounts, constructed from laser-cut and formed aluminum. These mounts are designed to exceed expectations, capable of withstanding significantly more weight than the model boat they're intended for. Each mount features a model-specific name plate, adding a personalized touch to your collection. Precision-engineered for durability and strength, these mounts ensure your RC boats stay securely displayed while freeing up valuable floor or shelf space. What sets these mounts apart is their innovative design, which includes a built-in holder to securely hold your radio transmitter. This feature adds both functionality and convenience to your display setup. The package includes 1 wall mount bracket with a model-specific name plate, along with mounting hardware and installation instructions for effortless setup. With a weight capacity surpassing the model's weight, these mounts provide unmatched support for your prized RC boats and transmitter. Available online and in select stores, these wall mounts offer a stylish and reliable solution for showcasing your RC boat collection with sophistication.


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