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Bolt on replacement for 07-18 gm1500 platforms. replaces the flimsy factory plasitc skid with a 3/16" aluminum front and belly skid plates. Please make sureto select from 2WD or 4WD options. Front skid bolts into facorty locations. Belly skid uses front factory location but the rear holes located on rear crossmember will have to be tapped for threads. The proper hardware and tapping bolts will be included in the kit for install.

Please note that 14+ trucks Will require having a small thin sheet metal bracket attached to the bottom of the front crossmember removed prior to install*

-Please wear safetly glasses and proper safety gear when installing. We recommend a professonal shop install. Self install and any damages to self or vehicle will be done at your own risk.*

07-18 gmt900 1500 OEM replacement skid plates

  • 07-18 silverado / sierra 1500

    07-18 tahoe / yukon

    07-18 suburban / denali

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