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Do you want to nearly double your wheel travel, increase ride height, and fit larger tires but don’t want to have to run fiberglass or get extended CVs?

Our new 07 to 18 GM OEM spec mid travel kit does just that!

- Retains factory track width

- Increases wheel travel to around 10”

- Able to retain factory sway bar

- TIG welded boxed upper control arm with 1” FK uniball

- MIG welded boxed lower control with sealed HD ball joint

- Hub center is pushed forward 1/2” for better firewall clearance

- can be paired with lift spindles for increased ground clearance and ride height!

- Sold with everything needed including kingshocks 2.5 coilovers!

07-18 GM 1500 2wd / 4wd bolt on MidTravel kit

  • the 4wd kit will fit both 2 and 4 wheel drive, but shock is moved slightly out of the way to clear axle as all 4WD bolt on kits do. However we decided to make a specific 2wd arm as well for thoses with 2WD trucks who wants the best geometry possible! Same travel numbers but on the 2wd LCA, the shock remains perfectly 90 deg to the arm at compression.

  • All products are subject to a 25% cencellation fee*

    All products are subject to extended lead times*

    Shocks are not always guaranteed in stock and could be as far as 12 weeks out* 

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