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Our fully bolt on 07-18 GM 1500 long travel kit is made to work with both 2 and 4 wheel drive trucks! Setup to run the stock spindles with aftermarket boxed control arms and billet heimed tie rod steering kit that bolts into stock locations making this kit a huge upgrade that can be done without the need for major fabrication! 

2wd trucks can be paired with a quality lift spindle to increase ground and tire clearance, as well as increase overall ride height if desired!



- Hub center pushed forward 1.5"

- Increases track width 3.5" per side

- 3/8 thick bump pad zone for 2" bump stops and reduce risk of denting arm 

- Comes powdercoated to last and look great for years to come

- 13" wheel travel



- Complete replacement billet heimed tie rod set for a huge strength upgrade over stock

- Coil bucket adapter for coilover

- Boxed mig welded upper control arms with 1" FK uniball

- Boxed lower mig welded control arms with sealed HD ball joint

- Bolt on shock resivoir mount 

- Extended brake lines

- Optional 4340 extended axle shafts

- Grade 8 hardware





13-15" of travel depending on 2wd or 4wd and other factors*



*kits will be ready january of 2024*

*pre order has special promotional pricing*


07-18 GM 1500 2wd / 4wd bolt on +3.5" Long Travel kit

  • optional 3.0 upgrade availble*

  • - all products are subject to a 25% cancellation fee.

    - all products may be subject to extended lead times.

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